Malin Kundang Drama

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Narrator : Fidhiyah Rahmadhani
Malin Kundang : Rahmat Maulana
Malin’s mom : Ramona Fitri
Captain : Alfi Solehan
Mano Jelito : Fidhiyah Rahmadhani

Once upon a time, there lived a widow and her son in the beach of Padang city. The son was called, Malin. Malin was a spoiled boy. So, the people called him, Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang was a good boy, he was smart, but he didn’t study at school, like us right now.
One day, ln afternoon, Malin went to the sea shore to see the sailer with his mom. In the desk, the mother and the son talked about Malin’s ambition.

Malin : Mom, is the sailer so rich?
Mom : Malin, my son, The sailer is rich and have much money, but they are so arrogant to other people.
Malin : Mom,If you said like that, it’s never mind for me, on next time, if I become a sailer, I will give money to you and to other people. Perhaps, I won’t be arrogant.
Mom : But, I don’t want it, I want you to stay with me forever here. Are you happy to leave your mother alone?
Malin : No… I don’t mean like that, after, I sail, I will back home, do you understand???
Mom : ( Cry)

Malin snapped his mom, till the mother cried…. The mother back home alone, and malin still saw the sailer, that have sailed in the ocean.
Day after day,month after month, and year after year Malin grew becoming an adult boy. Malin was so handsome, smart and dilligent, but Malin still had The bad attitude to his mother… Every afternoon malin saw the sailer in the sea shore. Untill One day… Malin asked to his mother to be given permission.

Malin : Amak, I’m tired, I’m bouring. I don’t wanna still living here… but Amak must be patient. I will bring much money to here… I wanna go to the next island. I will go with Uda udin… Uda Udin is my firend… Please, allow me…?

Mom : Malin my son, now I’am too old to separable with you.. I hope you work in this town. The Ocean is large, If you lost, where will I find you… Malin I don’t want to allow you.

Malin : But, I sail together, I will not lost.. Do you believe me?
Mom : I’m unbelievable, I’m not sure that you can sail, altough you go together.
Malin : I want to change our destiny, please allow me
Mom : ok, if you still like that, I will allow you, but you always must pray to god.
Malin : Thanks mom.

And then, Malin Kundang prepared his stocks that would be used in his destination in the house. On the next day.

Malin : Madam, I will go to sail, please pray me. If one day I become the the rich man, I will go home and invite you.
Mom : Yes malin, god bless you.
Malin : See you next time Mom, I will miss you..!
Mom : See you.

And then Malin went to sail in the ocean. Month after month, Malin became a rich man, he had much money, so the captain Uda Udin wanted Malin to married his daughter.
Captain : Malin, do you want married with my daughter?
Malin : Are you sure?
Captain : Yes of course… So, do you want to marry with her?
Malin : Of course, but I have not seen her…
Captain : Ok, tomorrow, you will meet with my daughter…

After that, Malin came in udin’s house… when Malin saw udin’s daughter, he was surprising. She was beautyfull And then Malin was falling in love with the girl.
The girl was called Mano jelito.
One day malin married the girl.

Mano jelito : Malin, The people say that, you are so rich, you are smart, and then in your villge, you have many ships, and many houses, but I have not seen your mother?
Malin : Mano, yes it all is true, my mother didn’t come here, because she didn’t want to go together with me. Now, may be she is sitting in the lazy chair…
Mano Jelito : It’s mean, you are really rich, Malin! When will we go to meet your mother?
Malin : May be, next year..

Malin was so arrogant, he flimflammed his wife. His mother was sick right now, but because he didn’t want it to be the rumour, so he lied many people.
One year later, Mano jelito wanted to meet with her mother in law. But Malin still didn’t want to mee his mother. Finally malin with his wife went to a village, where his mother lived.
Mano : wow,it’s amazing, this is the fantastic beach, that I have ever seen, Uda Malin, I want to drink the coconut water, after that, we continue to meet you mother…Okey?
Malin : Ok, I have a good restaurant to be visited…
Mano : Where?
Malin : Ok, follow me!

Malin and Mano went to a restaurant, Near from The restaurant, Maln’s Mom was collecting The rest food of visiting. And Then Malin’s mom saw Malin in the restaurant.
The mother went to meet Malin, and she said.

Mom : Malin, I’m you mother, I miss you malin….
Malin : My mom, I don’t think so, you’re not my mom, my mom is still young… Understand…
Mano : Malin…? Is she your mother?, Last time, you say, your mother is rich, but i don’t see that you’re rich.
Malin : No, no no.. Hey you, I don’t identify you, so please go from here. I don’t have mother like you.

Malin Snapped his mother, he asked his mother to go… But she still stayed there.
Malin knew the truth, but because he was shy in front of his wife, he didn’t want to be honest.

Malin : Hey , The old lady, I have never had mother like you, I don’t identify you… Ok?, So Please go from here. You’re so dirty, you are the Collector of food rest. It’s very Shy.
Mom : Malin, I’m your mother, are you fine right now?
Malin : No, You are crazy, Please go from here !, My wife, there are many crazymen here, because of that, Let’s we back to home!

After Malin snapped his mother. Malin and his wife went to the ocean to continue their journey, but his mom cried in the sea shore, after his son snap her. She was so sad. In her sadness, The mother prayed.
“ Ya Allah, Please give my son your hidayah, give him the replying, so he will know, who am I”
After His mother prayed, in the ocean the thunderclap came, and the storm swept the ship of Malin Kundang. The storm was too strong, so Malin, his wife, his member and his ship was drift ashore in the beach, but Malin and other had become the statue stone. Untill now, The statue of Malin Kundang and other was in Aia Manih beach.

In this story, we can take the moral value, that we may not oppose our parent. We must love the parent forever, altough we are rich, may be we are smart, but we must love them.

The End


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